Angry? Run!

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Last year I was in love. Seduced by youth, passion and big words. It hits you strong, especially if you are emotionally starved because of chronic work overload. Such an experience gives you high hopes. I thought I found my soul mate. Those moments when you think that past relationships don't count anymore. Bon, I was surprised to find out that, according to a survey conducted in the US, only 30% of us find their soul mate in the end. So, imagine the disappointment when you realize you are in the other 70 %. This is a song that perfectly expressed my feelings at that time:

That moment I was faced with two choices: live with anger in me and hope to reignite the past, or transform this negative energy into something positive, so that I can make a healthy change. Sure, the superficiality exhibited by the previously desired person also facilitated the change. Somebody told me once that not only your body but also your emotions become more fragile with ageing. So what could make us stronger? The option I identified at that time was regular sport and, more exactly, running. Even running away from certain people or situations is not a shame. In the long-term, it makes you healthier, and not only physically.

Comfortable sport clothes, a park close to my place and the mentioned anger were the only tools I needed to make the change. Each drop of sweat, whether I was chasing down 100 meters or more, was a victory over my limits. Even if a personal music playlist puts you fast in a good mood, I prefer to run without music. Hearing birds chirping in the early morning, the wind playing between the leaves, and the nature waking up are my best songs:

(Half)Marathons are very popular today, but I strongly recommend a heart screening before practising any kind of regular intense exercise. I still do not understand why this medical examination is not mandatory in Belgium. Time helps in dealing with anger. There are moments when your incentive to continue doing sports on a regular basis is questioned. This is why if you lack self-discipline, a running buddy is welcome.

Can a personal trainer motivate you to exercise regularly? I will give you the answer next time.

By Dr Ioan Hanes