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If you read this article it means you are interested both in how you can live a healthy life and how people working in health care live their life in Brussels.

This website does not intend to replace a medical treatment even if is coordinated by a doctor. For medical issues you should always contact your family doctor. Here, we will try to share with you tools and knowledge about how you can stay healthy in a capital city where lifestyle can be challenging.

In the same time, we will try to promote through our website and social media (Facebook and Twitter) the principles of lifestyle medicine, a new aproach in health. This speciality is only starting to be developed in Europe, with USA and Australia already being steps ahead. It combines the preventive and clinical approach, and here we will insist on its preventive side.

Hippocrate, the father of medicine, already emphasized the importance of nutrition, saying that « food is medicine ». Next to nutrition, physical activity, sleep, sexual health, stress management and social life are important aspects of lifestyle medicine.

What you will read on this website :

Healthypedia will treat an important topic of modern life and how this can be managed in Brussels.

Media is part of our information source and we will analyse regularly how health is reflected in the written media in Brussels.

According to a scientific study, a doctor’s healthy lifestyle is an inspiration and motivation for his patients. We will try to share with you how medical personalities who work in the capital city do that.

One of the beauty of Brussels is its multiculturality which is reflected in his medical personnel as well. You will read about what makes doctors to chose to live and work here.

Many eurocrats work on different public health programmes and their work is often too little promoted : we will try to explain to you, with simple words, what they do and how their work can influence your health.

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By dr. Ioan Hanes